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Welcome to the PDM Young Actors Workshop.

    Celebrating over 25 years of live theatre with the youths of Orange, Riverside, and Los Angels Counties. Our program is founded on the beliefs that all individuals, young and old, are at their highest levels of productivity when:

1. They have a high level of self-esteem.

2. They have a high level of self-motivation.

3. They are surrounded by others who believe this to be true and continue to it encourage within themselves.

    With the use of Theatrics, Music, and Dance our program works on the "Within Theory," showing that all our achievements and success in life come from within. Also through "Teamwork," a word not unfamiliar to us because of its time-honored meaning. 

     Each person in our program has an individual aspiration, level of skill, and attitude toward their duties. Since people think, feel, and respond according to their individuality, they sometimes do not consider the benefits of supporting and cooperating with others to achieve a common goal. This is where a skilled director will be able to pool their talents and train them to work together, compensating for individual strengths and weaknesses.Our program continues to believe that without proper guidance, the youths of today will not develop the personal skills needed to overcome the obstacles that life has to offer. However, with the proper motivational training and environment, they will not see these as obstacles, but as challenges that they are ready to overcome.

Paul-Dean Martin

Program Director


Meet The Director

    Actor/Comedian Paul-Dean Martin has appeared in the TLC Reality special "Invasion of the Christmas Lights" and has been featured in guest spots on NBC's "City Guys," ABC's "America's Funniest People," and Radio Disney's "Kids Talk With Dr. Laura." Paul-Dean can also be seen in the A&E Home Video "Miracle Of The Holy Family," hosted by Roger Moore and the Meg Thayer Comedy, "True Rights" which scored high praise at the 2005 Canne Film Festival.  

   Paul-Dean has performed live on stage in Universal Studios "The Flintstones Show," "Blues Brothers 2000 R&B Revue," and "The Motown Block Party," as well as Disneyland's "Beauty and the Beast" along with productions of "The Sound of Music, "The Wizard of Oz," and "The Odd Couple."  

   Paul-Dean's love for improv comedy has kept him working as a Warm-Up for such shows as Fox's "The Screen Actors Guild Awards," CBS's "The People's Choice Awards," and Nickelodeon's "World Challenge Awards."  Paul-Dean's ability to spot talent in our young people nabbed him a spot as a judge for the National American Miss Pageant in 2007 and 2008. Paul-Dean is also continuing his volunteer work in the community with his high energy, self-help symposium for at-risk teens entitled, "If All The World's A Stage, Why Am I Still Working the Ticket Booth?" This is work that has honored him with the Universal Studios Volunteer Of The Year Award as well as being nominated for President Clinton's Community Service Award.

   Paul-Dean also served two-months as National Spokesperson for the Governor's "Read California" program. The program promotes reading for kids of all ages through a live stage show starring Paul-Dean. The show uses comedy and music to show kids the importance and values of reading. This program is something with whom Paul-Dean is no stranger. He also performed as the National Spokesperson for Visa's "Read Me A Story," a 32-city, East Coast tour. 

   Paul-Dean has also used his amazing vocal gifts as the flesh eating plant in in over 60 performances of "Little Shop Of Horrors" at The Buena Park Civic Theater, Temecula Civic Theatre, TIBBIES Center Stage Theatre, and the Costa Mesa Playhouse.


How The Program Works

The entire 8-week program is covered by a one time enrollment fee of $150.00. Every student enrolled is automatically in the show. Throughout the 8 weeks, the troupe will be taken through an intensive study of a theatre production from the audition, to the rehearsal, to a live performance. Parent involvement is crucial to our program's success; we rely heavily on volunteers, donations of materials, and time. The program offers a great opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen family ties.

Author: Carl M. Bendroff, M.Ed.

Paul-Dean Martin's Young Actors Workshop is a program that reinforces California's State Content Standards for school age children. As a result, students who participate in Paul-Dean Martin's Young Actors Workshop strengthen their proficiency in language arts, social sciences, math, and character education.

Paul-Dean Martin's Young Actors Workshop addresses Californias Language Arts Content Standards

Paul-Dean Martin's Young Actors Workshop is a program  that reinforces California's State Content Standards for school age  children. As a result, students who participate in Paul-Dean Martin's  Young Actors Workshop strengthen their proficiency in language arts,  social sciences, math, and character education.

Paul-Dean  Martin's Young Actors Workshop addresses California's Language Arts Content Standards by exposing students to complex forms of dialogue.  This strengthens students oral language skills by providing the  necessary tools for creative communication. 

Mr. Martin exposes the Young  Actors Workshop students to many intriguing scenes of conflict found in literature. Role-playing these scenes reinforces
their comprehension, which in turn leads to an appreciation of literature.

Mr.  Martin's workshop reinforces California's State Content Standards for  Social Sciences by exposing students to time lines of historical events and by having the students portray important figures from the past. This  helps students who participate in the Young Actors Workshop learn to  understand the motives and decisions that influenced history.

Paul-Dean Martin's Young Actors Workshop addresses  California's Mathematics Content Standards, such as number sense and measurement and geometry. Through the physical experience associated  with choreography, students learn to understand the relationship between  timing and sequence (number sense). The students learn to position  themselves through blocking, which involves the visualization of  two-dimensional coordinate grids on stage. This improves the students accuracy when mobilizing from point A to point B (measurement and geometry).

Mr. Martin provides a program that successfully  implements character education. Students in his Young Actors Workshops  learn to understand the relationship between their behavior and their consequences, by studying the choices made by famous historical figures.  As a result, the students become responsible for their behavior, which  motivates them to behave appropriately. 

Many of Mr. Martin's workshops include
classical literature from different cultures. The students  who participate in these workshops are exposed to the customs practiced by people throughout our world. By understanding their customs, Mr.  Martin's students learn to replace prejudice with appreciation, caring, respect, and trust. These are crucial components for the success of  character building.

Students who participate in Paul-Dean Martin's Young Actors Workshop improve their ability of focusing on what they see, and of listening to what they hear. These important skills help students succeed in every area of their curriculum.

Mr. Martin, due to his patience and superb behavior management techniques, has demonstrated the ability to make the Young  Actors Workshop successful to a wide variety of students, including those in the primary and upper grades, as well as those with attention deficit disorder, and with other special learning needs.