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The students of Ramirez Intermediate have done it again! On the eve of the Memorial Day weekend, Ramirez Intermediate mounted another musical production. Their second for the year. Over 500 Eastvale residents turned out for their production of "Anastasia" Ramirez has been working in partnership with the PDM Young Actors Workshop under the direction of Actor/Director Paul-Dean Martin. Martin's award-winning theatre arts program is celebrating 21 years of bringing the arts to public schools. This marks PDM's fifth year in Eastvale and if "Anastasia" is was any indicator of things to come, we are in for a fun-filled adventure in theatre this fall as well.     

The Press Enterprise


PDM Actor Raises $6000 For Eastvale 

Drama Program    

    Actor/Director Paul-Dean Martin is no stranger to the community of Eastvale. For the past 8 years his after school theatre arts program, the PDM Young Actors Workshop has been producing Broadway style productions featuring the students of Eastvale. On March 1st Paul-Dean debuted his production of the Broadway musical "Grease" starring the students of Ramirez Intermediate. The evening boasted two sold out performances that was seen by over 700 Eastvale residents that were in attendance. As if an evening of theatre wasn't enough of a treat for the students of Ramirez, the evening was brought to a rocking finale when Mr. Martin donated 100% of the ticket sales to the Ramirez Drama Department. A total of well over $6000.00 in ticket sales.     

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   PDM Young Actors Stage a Special Perfomance for shut in Mother

As video cameras rolled, and spectators applauded wildly, the music from the 50s musical "Grease" coursed through the hot afternoon air. Neighbors drew back their curtains in surprise, then stepped to the curb to see what was happening. A troupe of 50 boys and girls from the Paul Dean Martin Young Actors Workshop came dancing, clapping and singing around the corner and into Dennis and Sue Stout's driveway.
Youre the one that I love...oooh, hoo, hoo, hoo. Youre the one that I love...oooh, hoo, hoo, hoo, they sang, in perfect harmony.
And, for 15 minutes the pain and anguish that have plagued Stout this year, faded in to the background. I feel like Im floating on air, the young mother said. Oh my gosh. I can't put this into words. The kids know Stout. Her daughter Brianna is a member of their troupe. She played Sandy in "Grease"  

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 Paul-Dean Martin hosts 

Angel light Academy Gala in Palm Springs

Julia Wilmot and Brig. Gen. Richard Wilmot, Ret., founders of Angel Light Academy, were present and he gave the opening remarks. The ALA Leadership Training Institute includes programs in leadership, problem-solving, communication, bullying resistance and service to the community. Bravo! Host comedian/actor Paul-Dean Martin, with his snappy patter, kept the program moving along, including grabbing silent auction items with no bids off the table and selling them on the spot.    

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It is amazing to see what kids are doing in the Jewish Community these days. The Youth Department of Congregation B'Nai Israel decided to put on a marvelous musical play of "Hercules" as a fundraiser. Professional directors Paul-Dean Martin had a key role in the success of the play. With his notable experience working with Disney and Universal Studios, he was able to truly bring the best out of the kids. Using his strong background in theatre, he led rehearsals and helped the kids prepare for the play in under four weeks.

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Actor Paul Dean Martin volunteers his time to perfrom with the cast of the CHOC Follies, raising over 1 Milion Dollars for CHOC Childrens Hospital.